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Property Management

Welcome to the Community Association Management Systems, Inc. (C.A.M.S.) web site. C.A.M.S. is a Licensed Community Association Management Company by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations. We are a professional "Full Service" community association management company providing service to associations throughout South Florida.

As a full service community association management company, we provide a wide variety of services such as administration, accounting, staffing, supervision, janitorial ,landscaping, irrigation maintenance and general maintenance. We custom tailor our management packages to serve the specific needs of your community, as every community has its own unique requirements. Our mission is to manage the day-to-day operations of your community in a professional and efficient manner to maintain your community and have the association function at the highest possible level, while working within the constraints' of the Association's budget.

Company Profile

Community Association Management Systems was founded in 1993 with a philosophy of personal professional service. You are not just another customer to us; you are an individual customer with your own unique needs and identity.

While it is true that there are some similarities in all associations, there are those differences that make your community what it is, your home. Special operating programs and custom specifications make your community truly unique.

Through the personal communications, attendance at board meetings, and through our friendly and professional staff we are attuned to your community's needs. This provides for both good quality management for your community, but also provides for a caring interested company.

Our friendly and professional staff is made up of licensed Community Association Managers, knowledgeable accounting staff and veteran operating principals. Our capital investments are made in the human resource area. We compensate our employees with competitive salaries and benefits, so we are able to attract quality personnel; which means better quality service to our clients.

The combination of our personalized service along with our professional staff makes C.A.M.S. an excellent solution for your Association Management needs as well as a friendly company to work with. This is most evident in our customer satisfaction rate! We have retained 97% of all our contracts. At C.A.M.S. you will receive personal professional service, we guarantee it!

  • President
  • V.P./Controller
  • Senior Association Manager
  • Director of Administration

George Reiter

George E. Reiter, LCAM, PCAM

Email: georgereiter@cams-propmgmt.com

George E. Reiter brings over forty (40) years of property supervision and management experience to Community Association Management Systems, Inc. Prior to founding Community Association Management Systems, Mr. Reiter was the owner and managing director of a community association management firm with over 50,000 residential units with seven (7) field offices throughout the State of Florida. During this time, Mr. Reiter recognized the need for personalized attention in the community association management industry; which resulted in the creation of C.A.M.S.

Mr. Reiter has a strong background in accounting with both a bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting. He has also earned the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation, the highest designation in the community association management industry. In addition to his formal education, Mr. Reiter has ties to education that include being on the faculty of both the Center for Lifetime Learning and Adult Education departments of Palm Beach Community College, where he taught Community Association Manager's licensing.

His other achievements include the Certified Professional Property Manager (CPPM) designation, serving as an officer of the Florida Legislative Action Committee, a founding member of the Gold Coast Chapter of the Community Association Institute, as well as many other outstanding achievements.

Mr. Reiter's good reputation is known nationwide.


Earl K. Olitzky, LCAM
Vice President/Controller

email: earlolitzky@cams-propmgmt.com

Earl Olitzky is the Vice President/Controller of Community Association Management Systems.

Mr. Olitzky has an established track record with over 25 years of experience representing developers, lenders, condominium and homeowners' associations. His experience encompasses full responsibility for administrative and accounting functions, extensive recreation programs and building, and maintenance and landscape programs. Mr. Olitzky is a Licensed Community Association Manager (LCAM) , a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and graduate from the University of South Florida, College of Business Administration.


Laura Matijak, HRM/D, LCAM, PCAM
Senior Association Manager

email: lauramatijak@cams-propmgmt.com

Laura Matijak is the Senior Association Manager of Community Association Management Systems. She oversees a portfolio of accounts as well as provides supervision, support, and guidance to our CA Managers. 



Lisa de Barros, LCAM
Director of Administration

Email: ldebarros@cams-propmgmt.com

Lisa de Barros is the Director of Administration of Community Association Management Systems, Inc. She maintains and oversees the day to day functions of the office.

Lisa has over 11 years experience in the community association management field, including Human Resources, all of which provide a solid "home base" for C.A.M.S. She is experienced in managing customer service and business support functions in association management, staffing and human resources and oversees the C.A.M.S. employees as well as provides HR support, and guidance.



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